Are you overwhelmed trying to run your small business all by yourself?  Believe me, I get it – and I want to help!

My name is Jodi Marvin (aka Your On Call Assistant) and I help relieve small business owners and entrepreneurs just like you from the day-to-day busy tasks that consume all of your valuable time by offering virtual administrative and bookkeeping services on an as-needed basis.  Of course, that means you can work more “ON” your business (instead of just “IN” it), focus on what you really love,  and achieve your business goals.

None of us can do it all alone – sometimes we need that extra helping hand.  My team is always “on call” waiting for you to assign a new task.  No task is too big or small, and my team is standing by and ready to service you, whatever your needs.

I would love to chat with you, so feel free to call me anytime at (315) 806-0952!

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