bigstock-a-woman-with-back-pain-from-si-40728325During my 20+ year career in office management, I have spent many days sitting at a desk and computer for 6-8+ hours per day, sometimes with little or no breaks.  I definitely know how it feels to sit for too long, and it seems the older I get, the harder it becomes to bounce back from sitting for extended periods of time.  Achy, burning shoulders, lower back problems, numb hands or wrists and weight gain are just some of the symptoms I have experienced from over use (or should I say under use) of my body at my desk job and business.

 With so many office jobs and entrepreneurs who work from home via the Internet, ergonomics and remedies to maintaining body health at a desk job are more critical than ever.

So what are some techniques we can use to avoid the stiffness and symptoms above?  I have tried out some great techniques, have received great advice from my chiropractor and OT and I would like to share these with you.


If you sit at a computer 8+ hours per day, many experts recommend that you utilize a proper layout of your workstation so that your posture is at its best.  To reduce strain on the body, it is recommended that you sit in the most natural position possible.   This would help in relieving or reducing injuries to your back, arms and neck. You can even have an occupational therapist do an assessment of your work space to make adjustments.


Get up and walk around and do some simple stretches.  Some stretches to try would be neck stretches by gently tilting the head to one side, holding for several seconds and repeating on the other side.  Standing stretches that you could try include clasping your hands and stretching your hands up and away from you.


Maintaining a healthy body doesn’t just mean trips to the doctor.  Keeping your body in proper alignment and flexible with regularly scheduled trips to your chiropractor, occupational therapist or massage therapist are as equally as important.


Having a desk job means it is even more important to find time to fit in regular exercise when you’re not working to keep your body moving!  Try working out in the morning before work.  Morning exercise is a great way start your day.  Otherwise, if you wait until after work you may feel less motivated and drained after a full day.

Hopefully you can implement some of these tips in your daily routine to improve your body health while maintaining your desk job or biz.


Help Calculator Shows Borrow Savings And BudgetingThis weekend marked the end of an extremely busy week for me.  Not only did I have my regular job to maintain, but I had existing clients to service, as well as new potential clients seeking proposals and interested in my services, which is a wonderful position to be in, so no complaints there.  Then throw in Vacation Bible School at our awesome church every evening after an already full day.  All this meant I was busy from early morning until bedtime, and then at bedtime I was on the laptop to review my assignments from my online class for the day.  I literally couldn’t squeeze another moment out of my day, not to mention I was thoroughly exhausted.

 I was able to maintain my job and service a couple of clients here and there, as well as try to maintain a household filled with three growing daughters, 3 cats, 7 ducks and a dog.  One of things that lacked my attention was one of those things that really only needed five minutes of my time each day.  What was that thing?  It was reviewing my household finances and budget.

Finally on Saturday morning, coffee in hand, it was time to totally focus my attention on updating my finances and see where our family’s cash flow stands.  I knew it wasn’t going to be as favorable as I hoped because of the lack of attention the past week. [click to continue…]


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