Comparatively, my rates are “the best in town!”

Administrative Services Hourly Rate + costs and expenses
call (315) 806-0952 for rates
Bookkeeping Services Hourly Rate + Cloud Hosting if applicable
call (315) 806-0952 for rates

•We charge an hourly rate + costs incurred on your behalf (copying, faxing, postage, purchases, etc.)!

•You are only billed for the time and materials of each project, and we utilize a time-tracking system to track the time spent on your project(s)!

•Time is billed in increments as little as 1 minute – which means a HUGE savings for you!

•Rates are not ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL – I can work with any budget!

•I have a team of admin assistants and bookkeepers that can be assigned to your account and projects.

•Billing occurs on a monthly basis at the end of the month or if a one-time project immediately upon completion of the project!

Payment types accepted
-Check/money order made payable to Jodi Marvin OR Your On Call Assistant
-ACH payments from your checking account (easy pay option through my invoicing system – you don’t have to do any set up on your side)
-Credit card

If your budget is tight, please call me so we can talk. MY TEAM LOVES HELPING SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS AND ENTREPRENEURS!  Our services are all about helping you grow your business, and we would love to work with you!

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns or would like a quote for a specific project!

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